So I checked wikipedia today, and a bridge collapse picture was featured on Wikipedia.

Bridge name is formally called Bridge 9340, connects Interstate 35.


On  August 1, 2007; the bridge collapsed, killing 13 and injuring 145 others. Many problems were blamed, but a design flaw is the most applicable. Bridge was designed by Sverdrup and Parcel and up to date specifications.

Bridge specifications:

The bridge’s fourteen spans extended 580 m long. The three main spans were of  truss construction while all but two of the eleven approach spans were steel construction, the two exceptions being concrete slab construction. The piers were not built in the navigation channel; instead, the center span of the bridge consisted of a single 140 m steel arched truss over the 119 m channel.  Each struss was 81 m in length, and was connected to the approach spans by a 11.6 m cantilever. The two main trusses, one on each side, ranged in depth from 18.3 m above their pier and concrete supports, to 36 feet 11 m at midspan on the central span and 30 feet (9 m) deep at the outer ends of the adjoining spans. At the top of the main trusses were the deck trusses,  (3.6 m) in depth and integral with the main trusses] Thedeck beams, part of the deck truss, rested on top of the main trusses. These deck beams supported longitudinal deck stringers 69 cm) in depth, and reinforced-concrete pavementThe deck was 113 ft 4 in (34.5 m) in breadth and was split longitudinally. It had transverse expansion joints at the centers and ends of each of the three main span The roadway deck was approximately 35 m) above the water level.



The specification stated make the bridge seems good. Although it collapsed, the authorities are trying to make the specifications better.

Although the entire story is unknown, human error isn’t just the whole picture. Since the bridge is old, it can be weathered by rain, snow, sunlight. Daily traffic also wear out the bridge. Modern traffic included heavier cars, larger machines that need better bridges, since the meta is really outdated, there is nothing but time that can

Source: wikipedia

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