Are ghosts real?

Ghosts are a thing many that people might consider imagination. Many people from ancient times have claimed to have been visited, seen or communicated with ghosts. Numerous stories or images have been discredited as fake or hoax with a lot of reasons like a fake image, fabricated story, fake testimonies,…  Various images or experienced have been confirmed and have the creepy image and confirmed testimonials by multiple people. Scientists pointed out that ghosts can be seen through a form of manifested energy that can reflect light and appear as an image in front of a viewer.

People also believe in cold spots, which is a sudden drop in temperature in a particular spot in a residency. There have been many marketed instrument such as EVN (electric voice phenomenon) recorder and detector, ghost spotter, which looks for concentrated energy spots or areas with rising temperatures when there is no detectable heat source found. Look at these pictures for your imagination of ghosts:

Look at the back, on the left, if you look closely, there is a ghostly and blurry face on the doors. This image is taken on USS Yorktown, I don’t know if this is confirmed or not.

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