Autism: what drive kids to autism?

There has been a lot of discussions about AUTISM in children recently. From vaccines causing autism, parental behaviour causes, the discussion is ongoing and has been getting a lot of attention from both the government and the media.

Let us review the sides of the argument:

-Vaccines cause autism.

Vaccines are incredibly safe products that need to be tested up to 20 years before being released. Due to the extensive checkup and trials, we can say its safe to use it on children. The thing about autism-causing vaccines all stems from an article stating that autism has stemmed from vaccines. As of right now, most of the authors have either requested for their name to be withdrawn from the article or admit that it is false. Many videos on youtube have proved this to be false, as well as many government agencies.

-Faulty genes cause autism.

This has been proved to be true, as many trials, as well as experiments, were conducted and carried out with definite results. We have identified a few possible diseases that can cause or be a risk factor for autism.

As of now, the most common gene for all intellectual disorders and disabilities are FXS (Fragile X Syndrome) which causes mutations in the FMR1 gene, which codes FMRP protein, which is essential to normal intellectual development in the brain to be mutated also, causing intellectual problems.

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