How clickbait has ruined Youtube

Youtube has expanded in recent years. With it, the boom of videos uploaded. This gives way to clickbait.

SEO is not a new thing. It can be used to make your content discoverable, give you views, ultimately, you can monetize it and get money. But how do you get views exactly? By making people click.

This brings us to the important part. The TITLE. This means everything, from clicks to retention to the overall rating. By making good titles, people will click on your video/article and read it, potentially brings you money. To get clicks, many sites use good titles, accompanied my good thumbnail and interactions, making good articles.

On the other hand, videos on Youtube is counted by views, which ignores the retention and quality part, but retention still plays a big role in videos. To get views, people often use misleading titles and thumbnails, either exaggerate what is actually true or simply an outright lie. This is becoming so common, that there is even a clickbait titles generator, here:http://pyrocynical-clickbait-generator.com/

There you can just click GENERATE and it will pop-up a video with a pre-generator title and a clickbait type picture. Like this:

(All credits go to Ali-A, all rights reserved)

So the story is, these skins never exist… He just photoshopped it, put in the superhero faces, background,… If you notice his videos, there is a lot of the red arrow (which directs the viewer attention to the desired part of the image), the NEW! sign, which makes viewers want to see what it is.

Here is a definition on clickbait:(on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page. (Source: Google)

If you want, just search youtube for any trending/popular topic, you will see one of these right away.

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