How to gamers earn money?

There are many gamers today! And none of them goes to work! They need to pay rent, use electricity, food and other necessities too! So how can they pay this money?

Firstly, you need to know how. There are many online platforms to earn money for streamers, including famous ones like Twitch, Youtube where watchers can donate to the streamers so they earn money. This helps the streamer pay his bills, rent and other things. In turn, the donator gets a rank or a status in the stream.

But, while this may seem too easy, playing a game you like while also earning money, the truth isn’t that simple.

Firstly, you need a good fanbase. What is a fanbase? Some people that actually watch your videos, subscribe and share your content. This group should be your main concern as they are very important to your channel growth, you will yes, get bad views later on.

Secondly, you can do a walkthrough, tips and tricks. This requires a lot of experience and time of playing and mastering the game mechanics. While this may seem hard, if you are good enough, you can sell your book and make money!

Thirdly, which is doing a dual job. This can sustain you and you can have fun while also going to work. This may seem bad but it is a viable option.

Overall, it is a viable option for a career! You can choose this and make a living. But you will need to be good at it and be committed. Otherwise, you will just drop out when you saw a bad increase in views. You need to have faith that your channel will grow to actually see it grow with so many competitors in the platform.

This is the end. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for next time!




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