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IQ Option: an overview

IQ Option (click here) is a brinary/60 second trading website that gives the user a 10000$ demo account with real conditions and rates as a real account, where you would have to deposit/invest 10 dollars in order to use.

The minimum amount you can put in a position is 1$, that means you can trade for 10 times before you lose all your money.

The first thing we need to paid attention to is the site’s regulations and certificates. IQ Option has a real headquarters, has certificates from trusted sources.

The withdrawal clearly states: “You need to picture your ID, driver licence, your signed credit card with the CVV numbers blurred out or covered, your information will be processed in 3 business days, we do this to prevent fraudulent transactions and activities on your account.” Furthermore, the number of days that they need to carefully process your withdrawal request is 3 days, so many can say it is a trusted site.

My personal experience with this site is quite fun. Although I lost all my 18$, this is quite the experience I was looking for.

So I got the 10$ deposit. The site immediately guides me on what the options are, the profit rates, which is your original money+the percent of profit, for example, currently, USD/EUR has a high rate of 81%.

Firstly, you need to choose the amount of money you want to place in, for this time, I placed 1$. If I choose the correct option, which is high or low, which means that the ending position is higher or lower than your position, you get the money. If you don’t, you lose the original money you placed. From this method, which is the only method, other than trading for 15 minutes, I got to 14$. Then I started to place more on the placement, I upped to 2$ per placement. Soon, I quickly got 18$, which then I lost all due to bad luck???

So from my experience, I view IQ option as an option to get money, yes, someone got rich with this, as you look at the leaderboard of earners. While for others, this can make them lose money if they don’t know when to withdraw, which if I did, I would have gained 8$ in profit. Definitely luck and a little bit of skill and experience involved here.

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