Is doing surveys profitable?

There are many online survey sites. They claim to make you free cash when working at home, or in your free time. Let us review these claims of making good money.

First off, you need to actually complete some surveys. The “reward” depends on the criteria of the survey (how long, how hard, how specific the targeted demographic is,…). While this may sound interesting, they have a process called “screening” which determines if you are the targeted people. If not, you will be disqualified out of the survey. This saves the company money, as well as saving you time to complete some completely irrelevant survey. While you may not like the fact that you lost some potential good cash, but, remember they still screen your answer at the end, so you will waste your time while you can do something else.

Still, there are many scams out there, not only wasting your time but can be potentially dangerous as you can leak private information to untrusted handlers, which may be sold for money.

While this may sound unpromising, there are many trusted and high paying survey sites out there, which are available around the world or just UK, US and Canada?

The site I am using is called Vivatic. It has good surveys payout which is one pound per survey when you get to 20 pounds, you will have to wait a month to withdraw it into your PayPal account, which you would need to link it. The waiting time maybe is really long compared to other instant withdrawal methods, but it is actually not that long considering you could still do surveys in the transfer time.

Maybe this won’t sound good to you, it isn’t a good method of active income. This is only to be considered as “passive income” which will come in small dropping amounts, but we can be sure that every drop of cash counts.

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