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Is there a hidden cost behind everything?

There are many transactions every day. You check the bills for your things, the prices, but do you notice the extra charges?

This is particularly common in hotels, restaurants and other dining/accommodation places. If you check the bills closely, you will see that there is actually some additional fees. This often is room service, gym, resort, airport fees…

Others are really surprising, including shampoo fees, minibar, which you didn’t eat anything, to a safe, which you didn’t use. These charges are common at medium to high-level hotels, which use good equipment that is expensive and needs to be compensated for the fees.

Other fees that are present are “convenience fees”, which charge for Internet, TV and other technological devices. They also have a pet service, which you can get charged for.

Wifi is also charged, too! You may think that it is a necessity these days, but hotels charge it, some as high as 15$ a day. Obviously, they want you to enjoy the outdoors.

Customers aren’t really fully aware of this, as these fees are not standardized across all brands and hotels. If you can, pay close attention. You will find out about these fees at checkout. They can reduce or remove it, but it is often posted after. Secondly, read the room registration card carefully. If you agree to pay wifi fees, TV fees and other fees, you can’t complain, simply because you agreed to it.

Your phone bills are also in this. There are many charges, but they have a purpose. For example, 911 fees, which is used to operate the 911, so the calls remain free. There is also a local tax that changes with state rules, and you will be having different charges with them. An administrative charge is self-explanatory, as it keeps the line and servers running.

You should really pay attention now!

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