New scam on Roblox has appeared!

I don’t know if this new scam on ROBLOX or not, but I have recently got notified that I need to install a cookie called.ROBLOSECURITY, which was promoted to increase ROBLOX client and account security.

So I looked it up in the ROBLOX wiki, it said its a scam and malware? Ok, so here it is.

ROBLOSECURITY (let’s call it RSEC) is a malware that steals and takes control of your ROBLOX account using hashes that lends itself to the hackers that will either control your account/change your username password and take it over to use it for other reasons like scamming other people.

There are many ways to remove this: You can find the root file in your computer or search the ROBLOX wiki for instructions.

And another scam has appeared recently. This is called the “Color changing shirt’, this claims to change your shirt colour in-game. Apparently this has a video called proof, which seems pretty convincing as he plays in a game and it actually changes colours.

This isn’t promising as this actually acts as a green screen, so you could overlay the colors on it, so that it seems like changing colors but not!

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