The problem with quick money making websites: money making scams?

There are many ads for quick money making ways like:”Billionaire shares a secret method of making money. ”

This title makes people seem to like it’s a magical method, which is really secret because there aren’t that many billionaires in the world right? This makes people click, follow, and even purchase the item locked behind a paywall with a flashy button called “Unlock the secret to financial freedom NOW!” Often, there will be a promotional video of an actor, which claims he used the method listed to unlock his billions of dollars, which is often shown with a paycheck/bank account balance, financial statements, etc….

The only problem is, the validity of these sites is questionable. First of all, these websites often pop-ups from ads, especially embedded links. If it were popular, it wouldn’t have to be sneaky like that. Second of all, there is no guarantee that the method will work! Even they have a 30-day money back, how can you know they will give your money back? There is no guarantee on the website shown. Furthermore, the people in the promotional video can very well be a paid actor, and the testimonials too. Thirdly, many have been proved as a scam. For example, these binary options trading scams, many take your money, some disguised as bots that will trade resulting in a loss of your capital.

It is not accurate to say that there is no good money making websites out there. Many are legitimate, and good and efficient ways to do it. But believing in something like becoming a billionaire in a week is totally unbelievable and ridiculous.

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