Spam… We all see them. Emails: WOWOWW I just received free moneyy!!!!!! Click this link to be like me!: examplelink.com!!!!

Games: Hey! I just receive [insert good things here] at [place here]! Join to receive now!

Most of the time, you just get bad things, stolen accounts, and worse, more spam from these spam bots.


On games are websites without recaptchas, like Roblox and unmoderated/no email confirmation websites, they just literally spam the walls. Example is on Roblox.

Any posted space for message is spammed. Games, group walls, notifications, profiles. People even make a program to auto create spam bots for disposal and spam.

Look at this:


As to date, there is an estimated 72,000 of these bots spamming every accout possible. User that are not careful/ un-informed players/ members can lose their account, while adding their account to the SPAM BOT ARMY.

Do you think this is a coincidence? That a random guy in a basement decided to give you free stuff that he worked for? Does anyone have the capability to create this much spam bots? No.


This gives us to an another type of spam. Custom tasks, captcha completion jobs. They pay you a dollar for 1000 captcha/ works. So doing these bots would take only 720 dollars. Anyways, don’t lose your account to these bots.


SPAM BOTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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