What is wrong with my ping?

Ping, the most important mechanics of the internet, counts how long a packet from your computer reaches the server and sends a response back to you. This may seem trivial but given these situations, how can you not care?

Ping is a basic program that allows a user to verify that a particular existing IP address and accept requests from a server.  An IP address is a unique address that allows the server to identify a particular computer, not others, to make sure the information is going to the correct computer and user.

A high ping occurs when the information between you and the server takes a long time. This is bothersome in online gaming as this cause a delay between real-time events such as a player taking damage. This also causes either ignorance or overwritten by another event, resulting in “glitching, teleporting” and other issues that may kill the experience.

In online trading, the signals given out by the website will take time to reach you. As a result, shorter response time means better trading success. Meanwhile, slow response time can cause a trader to miss key moments. This can result in the loss of capital, which can seriously undermine a trader and future tradings.

See, PING really affects a lot of your capabilities. How do you lower your ping?

Honestly, there is no effective way to lower ping. The best is just probably reducing other loads from the background applications.

Secondly, try to get the most out of your internet. This allows proper connection and best bandwidth usage.

Thirdly, try to reduce other bandwidth-hogging sources such as other wifi users, tweaking windows can also be useful.

In conclusion, ping really affects your chances. But if you utilize internet the right way, its great to have low ping.


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